BIM for renovation - Roland Garros Stadium


The Roland Garros Stadium is a historical tennis venue built in 1928 in Paris, France. This 8,5 hectares (21-acre) complex tennis sanctuary with over 20 courts is the home to the French Open and the Grand Slam tournament.

The stadium’s renovation project includes the construction of a new court with approximately 4,950 seats. The semi-underground court is surrounded by four delicate exhibition greenhouses - Les Jardins of Roland Garros. Greenhouses have light and transparent structures and components of double-glazed glass laid like scales with inverse slopes. Stacked bleachers formed from slim metal portals line the stadium’s four sides.

The Roland Garros Stadium project is the winner of Sport and Recreational category for Tekla France BIM Awards 2018.  



A soft touch needed for complex materials

The design, development, and implementation of the project’s complex, multi-material – steel, glass and aluminum – structure posed a challenge for the French engineering and construction company VIRY. They needed to come up with non-traditional implementation techniques for the glazing, which included externally bonded panes for the exteriors and double scale skylight glass for the skylights and awnings. What’s more, the fragility of the greenhouses demanded extreme delicacy when it came to construction.



How Tekla Structures helped

The entire project was modeled on Tekla Structures. The compilation and synthesis of the model were carried out completely on Tekla by integration of reference models and items.
The exchanges were facilitated by high quality IFC and STEP exports.




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Total cost
16M €
Dimension of the greenhouses
70 x 42m
Metal frame bleachers
230 tons
Metal frame greenhouses
220 tons

Project name: Modernization of the Roland Garros Stadium
Category: Sports & Recreation projects
Contractor: VINCI
Engineering, construction and steel fabrication: VIRY Fayat Group
Location: France