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Optimized, efficient process for error-free purchasing

Tekla PowerFab offers easy, efficient operations and good usability that understands steel purchasing workflows. Reach peace of mind by using a powerful, purpose-built solution that makes your work error-free. Optimize material according to your company standards or situation. Automated process provides purchase documentation that includes all information needed for material tracing and quality assurance. History data is saved for learnings for next project use.


Key benefits:

Accuracy through importing accurate BOM from detailing software

  • Get actual cut lengths of material
  • Get labor associated to material finishes
  • Get quantities of buy-out items (bolts, nuts, etc.)


Optimize material by combining/nesting into purchasable sizes

  • Model based sequencing/phasing enables just-in-time deliveries 


Ensure right material using requisitions and generating purchase orders

  • Automated process helps you make sure you have purchased everything and eliminates risk of overbuying
  • Automated pricing process (export a request for pricing and then import the best price to update the prices in the project)


Track material for quality assurance 

  • Trace and document heat numbers - also for material in inventory
  • LEED certification (environmental, US)
  • AISC certification (quality assurance)


Advanced, purpose-built technology increases efficiency, speed, and accuracy, providing a leg-up on competition through greater productivity and profit.



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Using Tekla PowerFab, we purchase the material for just-in-time inventory. Some of it won’t even hit the ground because as it comes off the truck, we're putting it straight on the beamline where it will move through fabrication.
Adam Norman
Managing Partner
GMF Industries