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Fast, accurate and consistent estimates: powerful tools enable model-based estimating workflow

Tekla PowerFab provides you with powerful estimating tools with easy operations and good usability that understands steel fabrication workflow. This software suite offers you the complete set of tools for efficient model-based estimating workflow. Create estimates quickly with confidence that you have covered your costs and that your bid is solid, accurate and competitive.

With the model-based estimating workflow, costing out bids is more efficient giving you opportunity to win more work. Never price the unknown: maintain an up-to-date database of supplier pricing and delivery details for informed, accurate estimates. Comparing scenarios is also simple with model-based estimating. 

Key benefits:

Speedy, Accurate Takeoffs

  • Meet the deadlines even for tight bid processes with confidence
  • Material and labor details reflect your shop-specific process: no guessing the connection materials and labor
  • Facilitate fast and accurate steel fabrication with as little scrap as possible
  • Fast manual entry thanks to optimized user interface
  • Benefit from import options from engineering models, detailing models, or on-screen takeoff software (e.g., Bluebeam).

Optimized material

  • Combine your material take-off against purchasable lengths to get vendor pricing. 
  • Get actual pricing from vendors based on how you buy
  • Get the anticipated scrap value for the project 

Better consistency between estimators

  • Promote transparency between estimators 
  • Standardize the estimating process such as labor calculations
  • Learn from history - all project data can be saved and retrieved. In addition, you can run comparison data at any time during the project.

Easily generate bid proposals 

  • Standardize/customize parts of the documents
  • Customizable standard text for your scope. 

Create miscellaneous assemblies using Parametrics

  • Add assemblies such as stairs or railings by answering a few simple questions, rather than taking off the assemblies component by component.

Synergies from better communication

  • Easier collaboration through consistent use of the same model and format from estimation to construction. 


As your process becomes more efficient, you can concentrate on strategic estimating.

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On average, we used to bid a project every 10 days. Now, we’re bidding three projects each week." "Model-based estimating have not only increased the accuracy of our estimates, it’s also accelerated our workflow, which allows us to bid more projects.” “The confidence we’ve gained from Tekla PowerFab has a competitive advantage to win more bids.
Adam Norman
Managing Partner
GMF Industries