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Cullen Steel

Cullen Steel chose Tekla products because of the high level of automation. Benefits that lead to increased productivity continue to be the most important advantage for Cullen Steel.

Clark Pacific Improves Efficiency, Productivity and Quality

Technology-savvy Clark Pacific continually looks for ways to boost efficiency, productivity and quality by utilizing Tekla Structures for precast design and fabrication.

Pinnacle Logo UK

Pinnacle Consulting Engineers - Integrating Fastrak and Tekla

Pinnacle teamed up with the software providers to develop a link between Fastrak and Tekla software and improved their internal BIM processes.

Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies

Midland Steel builds constructible models virtually before going to site in order to reduce risk and use software as a tool to facilitate rebar prefabrication process in their projects.

Saipem Offshore

Saipem is large, international and one of the best balanced turnkey contractors in the oil & gas industry. The company has been using Tekla since 2002, and it has a strong bias towards oil and gas related activities in remote areas and deepwater, providing engineering, procurement, project management and construction services.

MOE: Winning Structural Engineering with Advanced BIM

The Danish engineering company MOE choses innovative thinking and advanced use of BIM, and utilize these in projects like the award-winning Amager Resource Center where a waste-to-energy plant meets a skiing slope.


Sisttemex is a Mexico-based company that offers specialized product and services in steel structures and appreciates reduced delivery times and smoother project management.

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When you take pride of your trade, you prefer tools that are purpose built for your needs. The concrete builder Pankow took an innovative approach to technology and construction in order to bring superior value to their clients.