Tekla Open API: Connect Applications to Tekla Structures

We want that Tekla Structures users can produce their own applications when they feel they want something more than what is already available. With Tekla Open API (Application Programming Interface), these applications can integrate and communicate within the Tekla modeling environment.  

Additionally, Tekla Open API, also known as the .NET API, provides an interface for third party applications to interact with model and drawing objects in Tekla Structures. With Tekla Partners Program, application developers can also market and distribute the apps they create.

Start creating your own applications

Visit Tekla Developer Center for more information about Tekla Open API. You will find the API itself and support to get started with it.

Applications in Tekla Warehouse

Tekla user community has created lots of applications they using Tekla Open API and Tekla Scripting. You can find these in Tekla Warehouse marked as Applications.


With Tekla Open API you can

  • Customize Tekla Structures functionality to fit your projects
  • Speed up your daily activities by recording and automating user interface actions
  • Increase productivity in modeling and drawing creation
  • Move from manual routines to automatic actions
  • Integrate Tekla Structures to other software
  • Create smart 3D products and tools for building product manufacturers