Modern model-based data exchange for precast industry

Overcoming the challenges of existing file formats, and disconnecting the factory constraints from detailing phase, IFC4precast is the future way of communicating the constructible model to manufacturing system based on IFC4 data format. The IFC4precast project, supported by the BuildingSMART, aims at combining the best abilities of each existing precast fabrication format to create a modern process for collaboration that serves the needs of construction lifecycle and even beyond.

"In practise this means that IFC4 will be enriched with the characteristics of precast manufacturing, so that all relevant intelligence of the constructible model is readable for the manufacturing systems without flattening BIM," says Thorsten Hertel, Product Manager Precast Fabrication, Structures Division, who is the Trimble representative of the IFC4precast project group.

The IFC4precast project group consists of industry-leading technology providers - such as Trimble - and industry professionals.


Read more: www.ifc4precast.com


You can also contact us for more information on IFC4precast for Tekla software by Trimble:
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