Requisitos del Curso Básico de Concreto Prefabricado Online en inglés

In order to complete this online training course, you must use/have the following:

  • Your own Tekla Structures License
  • Environment = US Imperial
  • Role = Precast Detailing
  • Configuration = Precast Concrete Detailing, Primary or Full
  • Version =v2018 or newer

When you purchase a seat in this online training classroom, you will gain access to the following items:

  • Online Precast Basic Training course
        >  Precast Prerequisite lesson - a short lesson that must be completed and submitted for review before proceeding to the next section
        >  Precast Basic section - main lessons
  • Email support only; no phone support.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive the following items:

  • Certificate of Completion (Will be withheld if trainee does not complete all the required lessons, exercises and surveys)
  • An e-Manual to use as a reference

Prerequisite Objectives

  • Introduce the Tekla modeling environment
  • Basic modeling functionality
  • Assess student skill level
  • Advance student understanding on first day of training

Prerequisite Lesson

Topics exposed to during Prerequisite Model Lesson

  • Program Startup and Interface
  • Grids
  • Views
  • View Navigation – rotate/pan/zoom
  • Basic Modeling commands
  • Creating concrete parts
  • Manipulating members within the model (copy, move, mirror)


Basic Modeling

  • Start a new 3D model
  • Create grids
  • Create grid views
  • Create foundations
  • Create walls
  • Create columns and beams
  • Create spandrels

System Components

  • Create connections
  • Work with connection properties
  • Save the properties for later use
  • Use Object Representation
  • Add Chamfers and Blockouts
  • Use Reference Models

Custom Components

  • Work with and create a Custom Detail
  • Work with and create Custom Parts
  • Work with and create Custom Connections
  • Work with and create a Custom Seam
  • Create custom thumbnails
  • Export/import Custom Components

Sketch Editor

  • Sketch the cross-section of a profile
  • Add dimension constraints to a sketch
  • Add a chamfer to your sketch
  • Make your sketch parametric
  • Export/import sketches

Basic Reinforcing

  • Create reinforcing bars
  • Create reinforcing bar groups
  • Create a reinforced custom detail
  • Use different methods to create strands
  • Create a custom component
  • Add mesh to a concrete wall
  • Use several concrete system components


  • Options available for numbering your model
  • How marks are assigned in numbering
  • How to work with control numbers
  • About family numbering

Principles of Drawings

  • Integration between drawings and the model
  • Different available drawing types
  • Drawing list
  • Various drawing levels of editing drawings
  • Drawing interface, switches and snaps

Cast Unit Drawings

  • Create cast unit drawings individually
  • Create cast unit drawings automatically
  • Edit cast unit drawings
  • Clone cast unit drawings

General Arrangement Drawings

  • Create GA drawings from 3D Views, Plans and Elevations
  • Create GA drawings using the Master Drawing Catalog
  • Edit GA drawings
  • Create section and detail views
  • Annotate your drawings
  • Use Object Level Settings

Drawing Management

  • Handle revisions for Cast Unit and GA drawings
  • Add a logo to a default template
  • Create a basic template
  • Add template to a drawing layout

Collaboration & Deliverables

  • Print your drawings to PDF
  • Export the 3D model to Tekla BIMsight
  • Create a 3D PDF
  • Extension: Rebar Export
  • Extension: BCF Comment Tool