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Happy Holidays!

The New Year is just around the corner. We are waiting for the stadiums build around Russia to see some football action in the summer. However, already in November we got a glimpse of what might be the future with the Intelligent Building track at the Junction hackathon. So, we are totally ready to set our eyes to 2018 – or beyond!

We wish you a relaxing holiday season and a happy new year! Tekla News editors

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Trimble at Junction 2017 – 48 hours of hacking the way the world works

Recently, we spent a weekend at Junction, Europe’s largest hackathon, which gathered 1,500 developers and designers from Europe and all around the world. For 48 hours, they worked in teams to create applications and solve real life problems with the latest technology. More than 60 different companies and public partners participated and provided many challenges falling under different themes, known as tracks.

Trimble joined the hackathon as a partner in the Intelligent Building track, and many projects used the latest technology and newest gadgets such as Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset.

The winner of the Trimble Challenge was Team Incognito, who developed an application that allows displaying and interacting with buildings using voice recognition and HoloLens. The application allows you to experience the 3D design of a building, not just see it: you can see the furniture in a real room and check whether it fits in the room or not.

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Pankow adds concrete value with information

US-based concrete construction company Pankow achieves better cost and schedule control by self-performing. Using Tekla software allows them provide superior value to their clients, as they can utilize model information throughout all projects.

“We very quickly realized that using Tekla provided tons of value for us and implementing Tekla allows us to deliver on our core values,” says Senior BIM Manager Luis Perez. “The fact that we can identify potential issues early on and constructibility reviews have been proven extremely valuable.”

To make even more use of the model as the source for accurate and complete information, Pankow has created its own object property templates. The software makes it simple for anyone to create such custom fields – there is no need to be a programmer.

In addition, Tekla helps keep the budget in control, as users can be sure that material quantities are accurate and up-to-date.

“There is a tighter connection between what's being budgeted and what's being spent, and a lot less estimation and quantity errors,” says Pankow’s Assistant VDC Manager Lou Varni.

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Mordovia Arena: Ready for the games

The Mordovia Arena, built in Saransk for the 2018 football championships in Russia, involves unique geometry and a large number of welded joints. Local steel fabricator Belenergomash delivered the challenging project fast using Tekla.

The stadium, designed for 45,000 spectators, will be one of the 12 stadiums hosting the football games. Its bowl resembles a bright red sun, which is one of the symbols of the Republic of Mordovia. Belenergomash used innovative production, diagnostic and control technologies, including the Tekla Structures software, to help design, fabricate and deliver the stadium’s steel structures.

“These works were completed on time thanks to the use of BIM and the Tekla Structures software package,” says Dmitry Dolzhenkov, CAD Support Specialist at Belenergomash. “BIM technology helped organize a transparent workflow and ensure productive interaction of all involved specialists.”

Models fit for the festive season

You may have decorated your home, office and maybe even trucks and excavators for the season. Don’t leave your models plain either! Trimble’s SketchUp 3D Warehouse offer a wealth of decoration in IFC format, so that you can decorate your Tekla Structures models in the spirit of open BIM.

This is how to do it in three easy steps:

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