Tekla Model Sharing for powerful collaboration

Share the workload. Build and use the model together.

Tekla Model Sharing is a truly innovative BIM collaboration tool that can significantly increase productivity of Tekla Structures users. With it, teams can work on the same model at the same time, but their work never collides.

Tekla Model Sharing is the only sharing technology that allows you work without an internet connection, which is only needed when you want to sync the changes. Thanks to the innovative and patented workflow, Tekla Model Sharing only shares the changes made in the model, not the entire model. If you work online, you know that there are interruptions in internet connections, but that should not stop you from collaborating.

Time is money

Tekla Model Sharing does not share the full model but just the changes that have been made to your model, which makes things fast. Your team saves time every time someone syncs. Calculate the savings you can achieve with Tekla Model Sharing.

Tekla Model Sharing FREE trial

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Tekla Model Sharing for free. You will receive five free Tekla Model Sharing licenses for a three month trial period, with no commitment to buy.


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The trial campaign includes five Tekla Model Sharing licenses for three months’ free use. The trial period ends after 90 days and does not bind you to any subscription. If you are happy with Tekla Model Sharing and would like to purchase it after the trial period, it will cost you only £400 per year per license. Just contact your local Tekla sales representative to buy.


From multi-user to Tekla Model Sharing

Are you familiar working with Tekla Structures in multi-user mode? Tekla Model Sharing has a unique, patented technology, which has many advantages over the existing multi-user mode. Learn about the differences in detail


Oostingh - Oudhoorn - Model Sharing

Model Sharing means that your company has infinite engineering and modelling capabilities just one click away.
Kees Oudshoorn
Lead Engineer
Oostingh Staalbouw Katwijk