Tekla Model Sharing

Share the workload. Build and use the model together.

Tekla Model Sharing is a truly innovative BIM team work tool that can significantly increase productivity for Tekla Structures users. It accelerates work within the whole production chain; not only when modelling but also throughout the production and erection process. 

With Tekla Model Sharing you can

  • Invite others to work with you on your models

  • Join someone else's shared models

  • Share changes in models

Tekla Model Sharing allows each user to have a local version of the BIM model on their computer or on a network drive. The model data is shared and synchronized through a secure Microsoft Azure cloud sharing service. You only share the changes, not the entire model. Because you need to be connected to the internet only when sharing, Tekla Model Sharing enables offline work.

It’s easy to give it a try

Tekla Model Sharing requires no additional hardware or software, only Tekla Structures. That means it is a small investment. And it requires minimum IT work. Read more about the product here

Join the happy team of users

Our customers have been really satisfied with Tekla Model Sharing. Over 75% of users would recommend it to others.

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