Sites for sale on the Jyväskylä City website

The City of Jyväskylä invests on electronic services and modern information systems. Since last year, the city sites offered for sale and rental have been published on the web with Tekla eServices software. As of this autumn, the latest software developments also enable citizens to make site applications on the web.

Tekla eServices Site Offering software has been in use in the site production of Jyväskylä for almost two years. “This software makes everyone’s life easier”, says Janne Hartman, the Chief of GIS from the city’s geographical information department.

In Jyväskylä, land property is maintained in Tekla GIS. The sites for sale are published on the city website with the help of the Site Offering software. “All site information needed for publishing is automatically collected from different registers of Tekla GIS”, explains Hartman.

“Publishing a site is really easy, almost like ticking a checkbox. After selecting the site, the system only needs a little additional information, such as the dates and times of the start and the end for the web publishing”, Hartman says.

Before the Site Offering software, all work was done manually. Required information was collected from different systems and registers, and there was a lot of information to be compiled: for example, location on map, land use plan, ownership, permitted building volume, work instructions and price of real estates.

“I am not giving any exact numbers on how much human resources have been released for other tasks, but the system has clearly sped up the process of presenting city sites. It used to take a significant amount of time to collect information from different sources”, Hartman outlines.

Manual data retrieval always comes with the possibility of human errors. “There is no place for that kind of errors anymore, as the information comes from the original database automatically. Now, with the right system the situation is under control.”


Electronic site offering is customer service

Presenting sites for sale and rental on the web also serves the customers of the city, the citizens interested in acquiring a site.

Sites are published on the web map service, so the city map and all its search options are on hand. The applicant can see the location of nearest schools, nurseries, sports areas, libraries and health centers right away.

A published site announcement includes the price, land use plan, permitted building volume and work instructions, available for anyone to print or save on the computer.

“This has decreased incoming phone calls, and the customer service no longer needs to answer the same questions over and over again, as all the site-related information is on the web”, says Hartman.


Site applications on the web

Tekla’s Site Offering software is developed with determination. During spring 2012 the new on-line site application system was tested in Lahti, and the system will go live in production use in Lahti and Jyväskylä during this autumn.

Earlier applicants filled in a pdf format application for a site reservation and sent it to the city office. In the on-line application system the application is completed on the web, in the same location with the published site information. “This may sound like a small change, but as a matter of fact, quite significant changes have been made in the background before deploying the system”, says Hartman.

The system automatically searches information from different databases and registers, which simplifies filling in the application. In addition, it automatically sends the applicant a confirmation or denial of the site reservation.

The strategy of the City of Jyväskylä outlines that it is beneficial for the city to be on the frontier of providing the citizens with electronic services. The system for automatic site publishing and reservation procedure is an investment, but it serves the citizens effectively and brings cost savings through more efficient processes.

“The system is also a digital marketing tool. Our website includes detailed information on the city sites, the user can, for example, limit the search to a certain residential area and all the information is visible at a glance. The well-presented site supply may convince a customer to buy a site from Jyväskylä, which is income for the city.”