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Win & deliver more with BIM-based estimation & progress monitoring

Save time in material quantification, avoid the pain of incomplete and uncoordinated drawings & reduce the risks of incorrect quantities from the preconstruction phase to site management with the help of a 3D Constructible BIM model. Accurate models are unmatched planning tools! With Tekla’s Constructible BIM models, you can quickly generate quality information in order to be confident of your numbers and bid. And because all information is created in 3D, it is easy to adapt changes in design during the bidding phase. Using flexible tools you can automate the tedious, manual material quantification and information management tasks. Accurate models allow you to visualize information and generate reliable on-demand reports for concrete, rebar, embeds and formwork with accurate information, complete with logistics and material attributes. Because you perform quantity take-offs in the same solution where you are planning, all of your estimates are rooted in solid planning information. Visualizing and sequencing pours and pour breaks becomes easy with your model: you know for certain how much, when and where you are going to use concrete, formworks and rebar.