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Welcoming Bhoomi Tech as the 1st Authorized Reseller of Tekla software in Sri Lanka

Tekla software has been swiftly gaining a follower base in Sri Lanka in the past couple of years with the addition of several new esteemed customers to the Tekla family. Some of the best projects have been executed in Sri Lanka utilizing the power of Tekla software and there appears to be a huge demand amongst the Sri Lankan construction industry to adopt the latest and best in construction technology to match global standards. With a view to facilitate you and the Sri Lankan construction industry to easily access, evaluate & purchase Tekla software, we are very excited to announce the launch of our 1st Sri Lankan Authorized Reseller - Bhoomi Tech Pvt. Ltd. Bhoomi Tech will liaison with us at Trimble Solutions India to fulfill your project requirements and provide you with the latest in Constructible BIM technology. The world has changed a lot since 2D CAD was the norm, and it’s time for you now to enormously benefit from embracing 3D in model-based construction projects. Tekla software is an excellent choice for projects of any size, irrespective of which material is used, from design to detailing to engineering and construction. A must-have for any firm that wishes to win BIG in the world of data-driven construction! Tekla Structures is a powerful and flexible, Constructible BIM software for structural engineers, steel detailers, precast concrete fabricators/detailers, formwork specialists, RCC specialists, etc. With Tekla, Create a detailed 3D model of any type of structure - from industrial and commercial projects to stadiums and high rise buildings What Work with accurate, detailed, information-rich Tekla Structures model & minimize costly surprises and rework, thus ensuring more profitable projects with total process optimization With accurate and information-rich virtual models at the heart of the process, AND their integration with analysis and design software, coordination and communication with architects, designers and contractors is quick, easy and efficient.