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Trimble’s collaboration tools - uses & benefits - a customer’s perspective (Esskay Structures)

Connected Construction involves a number of principles – connection between design office and site, connection between stakeholders, connection to a single source of data/information, etc. But one of the most key concepts within connected construction is “collaboration” where connecting the right people to the right data at the right time is extremely crucial.

Also, now, more than ever, it is critical to have safe, reliable and practical solutions at hand to ensure seamless collaboration and maintain productivity and continue to deliver projects with the same ease and finesse, irrespective of your workspace location.

At Trimble, we were already way ahead of this curve with our collaboration tools being widely used across the globe – the patented workflow based Tekla Model Sharing and Trimble Connect, which has already crossed 10 million users worldwide!

Using our collaboration tools you can work simultaneously on the same 3D model from anywhere, share 3D models, 2D drawings and other documentation - view, review, reference, annotate and archive with revision history. These platforms help you maintain control over changes thanks to constant collaboration, so that costly rework caused by outdated information becomes an inconvenience of the past.