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The ultimate rebar detailing experience powered by constructible BIM

Coordination errors, conflicting content in documents, inefficient communication & information transfer, clashes on-site and a lot of wastage & rework – these were just some of the typical outcomes of the old 2D way of construction! Today, several organizations have moved on to leveraging constructible, 3D model-based Rebar Detailing that can offer enormous productivity improvements for cast in place concrete construction and Tekla is THE most powerful, industry-leading solution to help you achieve that for any project/structure, regardless of size or complexity. Working with Tekla Structures is the smartest, most efficient way to execute your projects! Tekla’s constructible 3D model can be used for production of project deliverables, extracting information from model that can help you make correct project decisions. Also with Tekla, you can extend the use of 3D models to the construction sites for collaboration & smoother execution.