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Tekla Subscription – what’s in it for you and how to make the most of it!

As you may already know, your beloved, and the industry’s leading, structural BIM software – Tekla Structures – is now cheaper to use & easier to adopt with brand new, flexible, subscription options.

The new Tekla Structures subscription offering delivers a simpler, easier and much more flexible access to the Tekla Structures software and everything you need to work more effectively with all its related services, all bundled together under one subscription!
Watch this session, we will share all the benefits that Tekla subscription has to offer you such as, a lot more power and control in your hands enabling you to manage all your Tekla Structures licenses and users online in one place and see how your licenses are used.

Date: Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Watch this recorded webinar to know all about our new Tekla Subscription offerings and how you can make the most of it by making the smart move,

  • Seamless license usage: Advantage over perpetual, no non-productive hours
  • Subscription benefits
    • Map your needs 
    • Work with any and all materials
    • Manage your license usage
    • Balance your license base
  • Tekla Structures configurations that are offered as subscriptions
  • Other Tekla Services included within subscription
  • Additional value: Tekla Model Sharing, Trimble Connect and their benefits