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Tekla Structures + SP3D = Faster & Improved Plant Projects

Engineering teams working on plant projects across the globe have been facing increasing competition and challenges!

The pressure to respond to tighter design schedules and quality requirements with efficiency, productivity and better business performance have necessitated improved team work and availability of the best tools capable of integrations or interfacing with process & plant equipment & other solutions.

Tekla Structures’ fully detailed, constructible 3D model can interface with major process equipment and plant layout planning solutions like Smart Plant 3D (SP3D), PDMS, E3D and Cadmatic. Continuous data exchange between Tekla and these plant design solutions enables smooth workflow. It empowers you to,

Handle design changes effortlessly through front-end engineering design (FEED)

Co-ordinate structural engineering with plant design and fabrication systems effectively

Manage all structural information from design to construction to operation

This combination of solutions has been adopted by a large number of EPCs across the country and the globe. Wouldn’t you want to see first-hand how this could potentially fit into your workflow and transform your plant projects?