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Tekla Model Sharing - makes remote work safe & practical for all your precast projects

Times have changed from the days where the entire project team would sit in the same office and work together. Today a number of construction & engineering professionals & organizations are working out of a variety of locations, spread across geographies. To help you to maintain continuity in your Tekla projects and to work with ease without having to worry about license activations/de-activations & transfers, we are scheduling this brief workshop on our innovative, patented, collaboration platform - Tekla Model Sharing. Tekla Model Sharing enables project teams to work on the same Tekla model at the same time, without fear of their work colliding. Thanks to its innovative and patented workflow, Tekla Model Sharing only saves the design changes made, rather than the whole model, making it easy to use over VPN connections as it does not transfer large amounts of data – great for those working from home or any other remote locations.