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Pre-engineered indoor stadium brought to life by Zamil Steel

Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) have become an integral part of industrial applications, warehouses, etc., and are now being widely accepted in infrastructure and commercial usage as well. One such recent success story is of the Indoor Stadium in Lucknow, India brought to life by Zamil Steel – a pioneer in design, fabrication and supply of PEBs since 1977. Over the past 44 years, the company has supplied over 90,000 buildings to more than 90 countries worldwide, from Panama and Mexico in the west to the Philippines, China, Japan, Australia and South Korea in the east. Join us for a LIVE session along with Zamil Steel as we discuss all things PEB – what, why, how, etc. We will dive into the process and workflows, challenges and benefits of pre-engineering structures in today’s times and also draw learnings from this indoor stadium success story as Zamil Steel walks us through the process of delivering this 5200 square metre stadium using Tekla Structures.