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Model, Fabricate & Erect Transmission & Telecommunication Towers, smartly

Would you like to increase productivity on all kinds of telecommunication, transmission towers and substation projects?

Create foundation plans, design the tower layout and detail the connections efficiently, and then proceed to optimizing production and reducing errors in fabrication and erection with a high level of collaboration and automation?

If you answered that as ‘yes’, then Tekla Structures is for you!

Tekla Structures is the one-whole solution that benefits the entire tower project. With its comprehensive library of intelligent standard tower components and connections, you can produce an accurate, as-built 3D BIM model of the whole tower: foundations, tower body, cage, cross arms and peak plus bracings, ladders, platforms, and body and leg extensions. This constructible 3D model becomes the go-to source for quantities, automatic drawings’ generation and project scheduling. The model interfaces with MIS systems and CNC machinery while the software integrates with leading tower analysis solutions and complies with industry standard formats.

Watch this FREE, LIVE Tekla BIMeet on Transmission and Telecommunication Towers and learn all about:

  • How Tekla benefits tower projects from detailing to fabrication
  • Why Tekla Structures is the most optimized solution for tower projects
  • The specialized tools dedicated to tower design within Tekla
  • How data is easily transferred to automated fabrication
  • How this single solution benefits the entire cycle from design/detailing to fabrication and all the way to erection on-site



Wani Jagdish,
Sr. Product Specialist