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Exploring the latest developments in the all new Tekla Structures 2023

The brand new 2023 version of Tekla Structures software was launched over a couple of weeks ago and has been available for Tekla customers to download and take into use.

We know that some of you have already started exploring the latest version and are enjoying the new features and upgrades.

Our product experts will give you a summary of all the new and improved features and functionalities that make building information more constructible, easily available and shareable to all project stakeholders across all project phases.

Inspired by your suggestions, updates to the detailing to fabrication workflows and drawing editing have all been improved to make your work easier, faster and more accurate. Also, you can now collaborate more effectively thanks to improved ways to use, provide access and track changes to your BIM model data.

Are you ready to discover the 2023 version?


Watch the webinar to know all about the new features in Tekla Structures 2023,

  • New Property Pane for intuitive drawing editing

  • Step by step instructions to guide your modeling

  • Detail more with special bolt holes for steel detailing

  • Improved exports

  • Rebar improvements

  • Drawing improvements

  • New components and extensions

  • Improved workflow with Trimble Connect

  • ISO certification for Tekla products

  • Improved online experience & security
    and much more…

Additional value: Get services as well as products with Tekla subscription. Centered around Tekla Structures software, it includes a wide range of services, plus our modern Tekla online licensing tool.


Jagdish Wani, Trimble

Prithviraj CM
Product Specialist,