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Constructible Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) with Tekla Structures

We highly appreciate the work of bridge modelers and designers; work which requires a special set of skills and distinguishes them from other engineers. While bridge engineers face the all too familiar challenges of tight timelines and budgets, there is the added pressure for far more efficient bridge design that can withstand the tests of complex details and shapes, unusual construction site challenges, durability/longevity of the structure and much more.

Bridge designers need new digital tools to be able to create BrIM (Bridge Information Modeling) content that meets client requirements.

Tekla Structures is the most comprehensive Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) solution that is helping engineering offices around the world to deliver flawless bridges whether they are designed to carry a road, rail, waterway, pipelines, pedestrians/cyclists or wild-life paths, across a road, railway, river or other obstacles such as valleys, and regardless of material types - steel, concrete, precast concrete, timber.

The availability and flow of highly accurate, reliable, up-to-date information makes the Tekla 3D models truly constructible; reduces claims, reduces RFIs and results in far more productive projects.

Watch this webinar you will learn all about:

  • Algorithmic modelling with Tekla Structures and Rhino Grasshopper
  • Parametric modelling with new Bridge Creator tool
  • Reinforcement detailing & post tensioning cable modelling
  • Automated drawings, reports, BOQ, BBS, etc.
  • BrIM to Field
  • Common Data Environment (CDE) and collaboration platform - Trimble Connect
  • Success Stories: Indian & Global Bridge Projects