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Tekla - The right choice for project with Zero Error Tolerance

PHENIX Construction Technologies, one of the top three steel construction companies in India, caters to global need of advanced Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) and Structural Steel. PHENIX is a specialized player in designing, manufacturing and installing complex steel structures for Pre-Engineered Buildings for industries like core infrastructure, automotive, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, transportation, engineering, power, warehousing and the likes. To deliver to the growing steel infrastructure demand of the country, PHENIX upgraded (in 2013) to Tekla’s industry tested and ever so reliable software and since then Tekla has contirbuted to the success of PHENIX.

Zero Error Tolerance

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Company engaged PHENIX Construction Technologies, for construction of Suzuki Motors Paint, Press & Weld Shop. Located at Mandal, Gujarat, the project spread over 52,052 sq. m. with dimensions stretching up to 572 m. in length and 92 m. in width. The project required construction of three buildings raised on plated box sections with heavy trusses. The criticality of the project lay in the client’s anticipation of zero error tolerance.

Considering the exclusivity of Tekla software in 3D software section for producing complex building design, PHENIX associated with Tekla as the software partner. Tekla was used to create a whopping 68,900 Assembly Drawings for the over 6,700 MT Steel used in the project. Paint Shop - Press Shop - Weld Shop, the 3 different structures were interconnected with cranes, cable trays, walk ways, etc. In the construction of the car manufacturing unit, equipped with Tekla, PHENIX was able to complete the project efficiently within the specified time and ensured client’s anticipation of zero error tolerance.

Complex structures, three buildings: A daunting task

The heavy structures of different parameters of the three buildings in the project made it challenging for the engineers to draw models. Moreover extremely slim timeline with zero error tolerance directive demanded utmost precision and null staggers in the project. 

The major challenge faced by the team was the coordination of the 3 buildings. Besides, the complexities surfaced while designing 4 plated box columns with varied strengthen stiffeners connections. Heavy member with various types of complex connections and the requirement of various types of materials, paints, finishes, etc. also made the construction process quite difficult. As the building was combined with various structures like cranes, transfer roof monitor, cable trays, mezzanine, stairs, etc., it was required to segregate and release to shop floor as per priority. Apart from the error free delivery of the project, the other requirement of PHENIX was to provide the customer with customized and detailed report of the project at specified intervals.

PHENIX is one of such company in the PEB industry which only trusts Tekla for delivering projects with zero-error. It thus enhances our credibility in supply and allows us to construct flawlessly. We as a company cater to around 30% of PEB steel detailing demands of countries such as Africa, UAE, USA, etc., therefore it becomes vital for us to only entrust software like Tekla whose features are par excellence. With regards to the project in question, Tekla gave an edge to the complex construction that impressed both Suzuki Motors and the Consultant - Sumitomo Mitsui.
- Mr. A Kailasa Rao, Vice President, Phenix Construction Technologies

Tekla Structures: the user friendly software

The flexibility that Tekla software provides helped the project manager develop reports and macros as per the client’s requirement as well as the project's. Tekla's customization feature, custom components, and the template editor and the easy interface makes the software supremely efficient in planning and execution of projects of enormous stature like SMCC.

Using Tekla Structures, the interfaces between various components could be graphically visualized. This visualization helped the stakeholders to detect the fouling issues for better connection detailing. Besides the successful application of Tekla enabled PHENIX to undertake the material takeoff much before the shop released. The software not only helped reduce manual errors but also enabled PHENIX to generate all kinds of drawings quite easily. Moreover by using Tekla Structures the modeling and drafting time was saved and macros also helped save additional 50% of the modeling time.

The prerequisite of any technology we use is to put less effort with more benefits and the only software in the complex building design space which stands up to our expectations and requirements is Tekla Structures"– Mr. A Kailasa Rao, Vice President, Phenix Construction Technologies. “ Tekla Structures is the 3D modeling software with advanced technology, which enabled us to create any complex level of modeling or detailing. In comparison with other 3D software, Tekla's software is the only software capable of producing 3D models of a complex building like in the Suzuki Motors Paint, Press & Weld Shop project.” added Mr. RaoThe other reason which made Tekla an obvious partner for this project was its Error Free output which not only reduced the manual labor but also automated the process, 3D visualization and co-ordination across all levels of the project.