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Ideal BIM solution for all precast products

examples of element types modeled in Tekla StructuresTekla Structures is ideal for modeling a wide variety of precast products. Here are some examples of element types created in Tekla Structures:


  • Half slab
  • Hollowcore slab
  • Solid slab
  • Balcony slab
  • Double Tee slab
  • Ribbed slab


Half slab created in Tekla Structures

Hollowcore slab created in Tekla Structures

Solid precast slab modeled in Tekla Structures

Precast concrete balcony slab detailed in Tekla Structures

Double-T slab created using Tekla Structures

Ribbed slab detailed in Tekla Structures


  • Architectural / facade panel
  • Sandwich panel
  • Double wall
  • Insulated wall 
  • Solid wall / Shear wall 
  • High wall


Architectural / facade precast concrete wall created in Tekla Structures

Architectural sandwich wall with Tekla Structures


Brick faced panel modeled in Tekla Structures

Sandwich wall detailed using Tekla Structures

Insulated Double Wall detailed in Tekla Structures

Double wall precast element modeled in Tekla Structures


Frame elements

  • Rectangular beam
  • I-beam
  • Ledger beam / Inverted-T 
  • Tapered I-beam
  • Spandrel beam
  • Multi storey column


Rectangular beam modeled in Tekla Structures

Precast I-Beam created in Tekla Structures

Ledger beam / Inverted-T (Tekla Structures model)

Tapered I-beam detailed with Tekla Structures

Spandrel beam modeled in Tekla Structures

Multi storey column created with Tekla Structures

Special function products

  • Stairs and staircases
  • HDB element (Singapore-specific)
  • Bathroom volumetric
  • Architectural element
  • Utility precast

Stairs modeled and detailed in Tekla Structures

HDB element (Singapore specific) detailed in Tekla Structures


Architectural feature created using Tekla Structures

Utility element (Tekla Structures)

Utility precast element modeled using Tekla Structures




Learn also about different precast project types that can be created using Tekla Structures.

With Tekla you can:

  • Detail any structure regardless of material, size or complexity. 
  • Find clashes and avoid errors in drawings and fabrication data.
  • Extract perfectly associative drawings, reports and production data from the model.
  • Manage changes efficiently.
  • Standardize and streamline your work.