Maximize the Benefits of 3D Models in Steel Fabrication: Logistics & Erection Phase

Right now, BIM is revolutionizing the erection phase. Are you ready for it?

It’s no secret that steel site operations are lagging when it comes to modernization. The technology is there, and it can work wonders – the difficult part, however, is learning what it can do for you and how it can best be put to use.

A BIM workflow that focuses on the erection phase can not only dismantle the many obstacles that hinder on-site productivity, but smooth out the entire project from start to finish. Collaboration snags, logistics issues, and outdated ways of thinking will soon be problems of the past.

To find out how your steel construction projects can benefit from BIM, take a look at Part 3 of our ebook series “How to unlock the full potential of 3D models to benefit the whole workflow”. In it, we share a few secrets that will open your eyes to just how amazing BIM can be for the erection phase of a project, saving you time, money, and of course, headaches. 


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