Welcome to the India Tekla Awards 2018

The Tekla Awards showcase and reward the hardwork and innovation that goes into using software to solve engineering challenges, working collaboratively and delivering better outcomes for all involved.  The awards focus on projects of all shapes and sizes which have used Tekla software as part of the process for designing and 3D modelling a structure or where the use of Tekla software and BIM has aided collaboration and the digital construction process.

Winning an award will help raise your company profile and help attract new business by instilling that vital ingredient for success – trust.

So if you have used Tekla software on a project, however large or small, that you think illustrates the benefits of collaborative workflows and model passed processes, or a project you are proud to have worked on, then choose the best category to enter.

Entering the Tekla Awards can open up clear business benefits for your organisation.

Employee motivation and reward

  • Entering the Tekla Awards recognises the hard work and achievements of your employees. 
  • Both entry and winning can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

Increased credibility

Any business award win, short-listing or nomination can act as a third party endorsement for your business.

Build trust and confidence

A Tekla award is an endorsement of your expertise in this area which can help engender trust with new customers, partners, and potential employees, helping to set you apart from your competition.

Grow business profile

Take advantage of PR and marketing activity around the Tekla Awards and your involvement.

International recognition

The Tekla Awards are an international competition so success in the UK awards could also lead to success in the Global Tekla BIM Awards.

Student showcase

The competition offers a venue for students to showcase their skills amongst the most iconic projects in the industry.

The Tekla Awards have seven categories. One prize is awarded to each category and the final winner of each category will be judged by a panel of leading industry experts from both Trimble and the wider industry. Projects will be judged on their individual merit and we are looking for examples of collaborative workflows and model based processes to support your entry. You can submit one entry per category.

There will be an additional winner decided by public vote. Voting is open to the public and can be promoted by the competing company. Only one vote per project per person will be counted.

  • Entries can be submitted between 28th March - 30th April 2016.
  • Voting is open to the public throughout May 2016.
  • The judging panel will sit at the end of May 2016.
  • The winners will be announced in June 2016.

Judges will be looking for things like:


  • How collaboration and co-ordination were used and demonstrated on the project.
  • Multiple phases of the model life cycle (Design, Build, Operate).
  • The number of participants using Tekla or other reference models.
  • Use of open BIM and the benefits of the reference model from an open BIM perspective.

Innovative use of Tekla software

  • The basics covered – drawings, BoM, etc.
  • What challenges were faced and how they were overcome.
  • New ways of working.


  • Level of detail.
  • Multimaterial modelling and useage.
  • Complexity – of the geometry of the structure and the combined complexity and level of detail of the modelling.

“Cool” factor

  • Impressive or quirky structures.


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