Werfau Adopt Tekla for Structural Engineering to Improve both Their Business Performance and the Buildings They Design


"With , 1 person can complete the fully annotated reinforcement drawings of a concrete slab in 2-3 days. Before, the same task took 1 week for 2 persons"
- Pavel Nedviga, Senior Structural Engineer, WERFAU

The Structural design department of Werfau specialize in the design of sophisticated medical facilities and the complex clean rooms that they contain.  For over 10 years, Werfau, who are based in St. Petersburg, Russia, have successfully delivered public health structures and grown their team to 80 designers within a staff of approx. 130.  Proud innovators; Werfau recognized that building information modelling (BIM) could offer them productivity improvements if they selected the right software tool for the best process.

Werfau adopted Structures after a rigorous analysis of the software available and now use the software exclusively on their structural project regardless of size or material.  Werfau identified that modelling both steel and concrete was quick and easy and the model they created was more accurate and informative.  Implementation was efficient and now design projects are completed faster and problems on site reduced

Our presenter for this webinar is Pavel Nedviga who is a design engineer with over 8 years project experience and who now leads in the use of Structures as Senior Structural Engineer on significant projects.


Join this free webinar and learn:

  • How Werfau identified that Structures was the right software tool for them to boost productivity and drive business performance.
  • How, with the help of Structures, Werfau have a faster and easier design process that has raised the quality of their general design deliverables.
  • How using Structures has helped Werfau better evaluate issues in pre-construction to anticipate and avoid difficulties in facility construction and management.
  • How Werfau use to efficiently drive exact material quantities and produce high quality drawings
  • How important local support is for successful software/process implementation and efficient business.

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