Welded pipe and H beam connections to Offshore Structures


How to model, detail and cut pipes and beams with welding preparations

This is a joint webinar together with HGG, who is a leading supplier of CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines and hollow sections.

Join the webinar and learn how you can optimize your whole fabrication workflow with seamless Tekla Structures and HGG integration. Tekla Structures has range of specialized HGG components and from Tekla Structures detailers can export the profiling data directly to HGG interface. Quality of the exported NC file can be checked with free DSTV viewer. Increase your productivity with the latest technology.

Sign up now and learn more about:

  • How to model tubular section in Tekla Structures.
  • How to use the special HGG tube to tube connection library in Tekla Structures including weld preparations.
  • How to Export data to HGG pipe cutting machinery and 3D cutting.
  • Coping of H-Beams welded connections
  • H-beam coping with no limitation in profile cutting shapes and non-macro based integration with Tekla Structures.
  • Free cutting shape integration with Tekla Structures.
  • How to check your DSTV export with free DSTV viewer.
  • Experience from practice - a case study


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