Webinar on Transmission and Telecommunication Tower


Use of proper tool at different stages of your project will Increase the productivity of your Teams working in different areas like Design, Detailing, Fabrication, Erection etc.

With Tekla Structures you can produce an accurate as-built 3D model of the whole tower: foundations, tower body, cage, cross arms, bracings, ladders, leg extensions, etc. The 3D model is the go-to source for quantities, drawings and project scheduling. The data needed for fabrication can then be exported directly to workshop machinery and thus reduce human errors.

Join the webinar and learn

  • How Tekla benefits tower projects from detailing to fabrication
  • Why Tekla Structures is the most optimized solution for Tower projects
  • The specialized tools dedicated to tower design
  • How is data transferred to automated fabrication

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Date:Thursday, 12th April 2018