Webinar on Engineering - Tekla's BIM solutions


Tekla’s BIM solutions cover the complete structural engineering workflow, from design to detailing to drawings and documentation. They provide you with a seamless interface with Architecture and MEP model to achieve clash free truly constructible models for your project. With our BIM technology, you can achieve error-free, always up-to-date drawings, estimation reports and much more, thereby making huge savings on delivery time and man-hour costs in the project.

Join this 2-part webinar series to learn:

Session I – Planning & Design – Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

• Conceptual Design
• Collaboration with Architecture plan and MEP
• Structural BIM Modelling
• Static and dynamic analysis of Steel & Concrete structures
• Building Design as per India & International standard
• Foundation, shear wall, slab design
• GA drawings

Session II – Detailing & Site Coordination – Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

• Detailed BIM modelling of a Commercial building (continued from Session I)
• Connection detail and Rebar detail in the model to get constructible model
• Interface check with Architecture and MEP model to achieve clash free design
• RCC detailing, Quantity estimation & BBS
• Steel fabrication detailing & Bill of material
• Design change management
• 3D visualization & construction simulation
• Site coordination

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Session I - Planning & Design
Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Session II - Detailing & Site Coordination
Date:Tuesday, 19 September 2017