Maximize Profits with Automated Rebar Detailing using Tekla Structures Subscription


Tekla’s most powerful, yet straightforward, 3D modelling environment automates repetitive rebar detailing and documentation tasks. With its intuitive management tools the construction-quality information is always easily at hand for reporting and material handling. You can automatically export data to rebar MES software and cut-and-bend and mesh welding systems. Easy to understand rebar assembly guides with 3D visualizations, reduces RFIs, improves quality and makes prefabrication and rebar placing on site more efficient. 

With Tekla Structures for Concrete you can,

  • Detail any rebar structure in 3D, regardless of size and complexity
  • Number rebar automatically and generate all documents directly from a model
  • Prevent detailing, documentation and coordination errors
  • Save time and prevent human errors in data input to rebar processing systems
  • Adapt to project changes effectively
  • Find, use, report and transfer information efficiently according to your process needs
  • Drive efficiency and quality in fabrication and in the field

What’s more, with the subscription option, you can gain access to all the powerful capabilities of Tekla, mentioned above, at affordable costs that can suit any organization!

Join us for just one hour at this LIVE webinar as we take you through a view of these capabilities and how you can apply these to your projects and increase profitability with affordable investments.

Have a look at the agenda of the session:

  • Introduction to Trimble & Tekla Structures
  • What is the License Subscription Model & its benefits
  • Tekla Structures in depth
    • Constructability
    • Modelling: Quick modelling using Macros, Opening Imported Models, Editing Rebar, etc.
    • Quantity Take-Off: Concrete, Rebar, Organizer
    • Drawing, Bar Bending Schedule, Reports
    • Change Management
    • Machine Linking: Rebar Cutting, Bending & Production
    • Site Progress Visualization
  • What is Model Sharing and how it can work wonders for you
  • A project success story – to help you visualize real world application & benefits 

Watch this webinar

Date: Wednesday, 6th November 2019
Time: 3:30 pm