Trimble and Unitechnik enhance the free exchange of information for precast industry

Trimble and Unitechnik share a goal of driving an efficient, free exchange of information for precast industry. As a long term partner, Trimble’s Tekla Structures is the first BIM-software that supports the newest version of the Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface, which is now available in the contemporary XML-Interface.

“Unitechnik’s production control system UniCAM is the centerpiece of a precast concrete factory and the open Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface has formed the basis for the free exchange of information within a precast concrete plants already for 25 years. We recently introduced our latest interface UXML which is targeted to be the future communication standard for precast concrete plants,” says Unitechnik’s Managing Director Dr. Ralf Lüning.

“Open approach to Building Information Modeling has always been one of the main focus areas in the development of Trimble’s Tekla Structures. We continuously work closely with our industry partners to enhance an efficient exchange and easy utilization of accurate and rich information in Tekla model to control and manage precast production.  Support for new UXML 7.0.1 CAD-CAM interface and capability to transfer data from Tekla model to Unitechnik’s completely renewed UniCAM.10 control computer, is one example of this close cooperation. Tekla Structures also supports latest version of Unitechnik’s CAD-CAM viewer UniCADView,” says Thorsten Hertel, Tekla Structures’ Product Manager at Trimble.

Precast Production Export – application is available and can easily be downloaded from Tekla Warehouse, free online BIM storage for Tekla applications, custom parts, bolts, embeds and bought-out objects.

Working with the constructible Tekla models minimizes costly surprises and rework for all involved in precast construction process. Streamlined processes and enhanced information exchange lead to increased productivity at precast production and to better precast buildings been delivered on time and on budget.


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Precast Production Export in Tekla Warehouse


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