India BIM Award 2015 Winner

Commercial Projects

iCAD Engineering private limited


Judges comments, "Great example of multi material modelling and the benefits associated with that. Some complex geometry to manage especially on the roof with complex truss set out and connectivity. Interesting project."

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Public Projects

Eversendai Construction Private Limited


This is a commercial 2000 seat capacity Theatre building built by composite material. Combination of RC & Steel. Steel consumed in this building is 1450 MT.

Judges comments, "Outstanding project, very complex and with a high level of detail. Excellent cross discipline interoperability and coordination which is required on projects of this nature to make BIM a real success when taking the model to construction."

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Industrial  Projects

Simon India Limited


M/s Paradeep Phosphates Ltd. has entered into a contract with M/s Simon India Ltd. for Extended Basic Engineering and Detail Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning Assistance of Sulphuric Acid Capacity Expansion Project at Paradeep, Orissa

Judges comments, "Requirements on the project for high level of detail on the project, interoperability and continuous interference checking between piping and structures teams."

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Infrastructure Projects

Richa Industries Ltd.


Judges comments, "Complex structure from a set out perspective but also made more difficult as fabricated from built up sections. Use of model to explain this also to others."

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Small Projects

Precast India Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd


Judges comments, "How the model was used not just for typical detail phase but also for bidding and planning and also although a small project it’s still complex in its nature. Expansion of the use of BIM away from just design."

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Student Projects

Chennai Institute Of Technology


Judges comments, "Great building design and multi material modelling, applying student knowledge of BIM in a practical application."

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The People's Choice winner:

Aston BIM Creations ( A Division of Nektor Engineers & Project Consultants)


One of the biggest worry of the designers was to convey the exact requirement of the rebars and post tension steel to the contractors, we detailed the rebars and PT in such a way that very clear identification and traceability could be established by the contractors and inspectors. The challenge was to make sure that whatever we model should be to the exact requirement of constructability where in no deviation was allowed except the design tolerances.
To model Post tensioning with the anchorages , ducts and other PT accessories was at utmost important as instructed by the Inspectors so that the clear understanding could be given to contractors.

Tekla in true sense has been responsive as an open API to make custom BIM components as well as enabled us to introduce intelligence inside each and every components we used in modelling this bridge. We could have traceability at various levels and it worked so well that we soon got another more complex challenge to create a Cable Stayed Bridge, Segmental Bridge, Y Bents, etc. for the same client who trusted us a their BIM Partner. BIM has made us more efficient to deliver the most exact detailing in 3D with intelligence inside the drawings.

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Hindlekar Mishtii
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