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Seacad keeps productive during pandemic with support from Tekla Model Sharing

Seacad was founded in February 1996 to carry out the preparation of workshop 'detail drawings' for structural steel framed buildings. Since then, Seacad has grown in reputation and size, detailing a variety of projects for International clients in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Seacad has detailed projects ranging from portal-framed warehouses to much more complicated structures such as the 'Sculpture' on the Kingdom Trade Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the largest project that Seacad have detailed to date is NGA Campus East in Springfield, VA that weighed 23,000 tons of steel.


Makes Remote Work Safe and Practical

In a normal situation where all staff work in the same office, multi-user mode is the best choice for Seacad. However, there are situations where Tekla model sharing would be the best choice in order to operate regularly such as: 

a. Large-sized projects where collaboration is required between two or more steel-detailing companies. When Seacad was working on Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP) project, it had 1 team leader, 11 detailers and 2 checkers. They worked from home at diiferent cities e.g Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi and Bogor. The new Physician and Administrative Office Building is a new 17 storey office tower expansion of the CHoP campus built with 9,000 tons of structural steel.

b. Pandemic situation. Covid-19 pandemic has been spreading rapidly worldwidehas resulted in many countries or cities implementing lockdown to help curbthe spread. The Government of Jakarta, the city where Seacad’s office is located has been issued with a regulation called “Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB)” which requires schools and workplaces to be closed. This situation resulted in Seacad’s staff to work from home. Tekla model sharing allows them to continue working on projects at home during the pandemic. It allows users to work on same model at same time and in different locations but works never collide. Most of the works are done in local mode so the internet connection is only needed when users want to synchronize the changes. Mr. Sutrisno said that he can not imagine how to keep all Seacad Projects run without Tekla Model Sharing when all the staff must work from home. Tekla Model Sharing is a brilliant innovation which save Seacad during COVID-19 Outbreak and without it, we may stop all production, he added.

In the other hand, Mr. Sutrisno also shared his experience on a huge project where his team work with 2 other steel detailing companies who work in Canada and India. They were also using Tekla Model Sharing to model the 66 Hudson project in New York City, a 66-storey supertall with 31,500 tons of steel structures. The modeling works are divided into five phases where Seacad modeled two parts :

a. Package #1, from basement to 4th level with 3,602 tons of steel

b. Package # 3, from 24th level to 31st level with 2,955 tons of steel.

The package#1 work was done by 1 team leader, 10 detailers and 2 checkers. the other package was lead by 1 team leader, 9 detailers and 2 checkers.  



Mr. Sutrisno, Technical Manager, PT. Seacad Services agrees that Tekla model sharing is an amazing product from Tekla Structures. It allows team or users to work on the same model at the same time and in different locations or offices and the work will never collide. Most of the works are done in local mode so internet connection is only needed when users want to sync the changes. We can’t even imagine how to keep all the (Seacad) projects running without Tekla Model Sharing when all staff have to work from home. This is something that couldn’t be done before Tekla Model Sharing was introduced. Once again, Tekla Model Sharing is a brilliant innovation which helped Seacad tremendously during the Covid-19 pandemic. Without it, we may have needed to stop all production activity.

Plan for Future Implementation

Seacad will continue using Tekla Model Sharing for projects that requires collaboration with other steel detailing companies.

About PT. Seacad Services

PT. Seacad Services is a steel-detailing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has plenty ofexperience in steel-detailing for its international-quality infrastructure and building projects.