San Jose Earthquakes Stadium

Steel Systems Engineering, Inc. USA
& Intelligent Engineering, UK

Project started in June 2013, with 11 weeks approval duration with estimated 2,900 tons structural steel. The Steel Systems Engineering and Intelligent Engineering team modeled the Team building, Stadium and Scoreboard including: WF & Tube columns, plate girders (BU), WF beam framing, HSS & Channel beam, raker beams, BRB's, SPS bowl decking, SPS vomitory walls, loose gusset plates, Terra Cotta supports, angles, WT & Channel stool supports and Truss components.

Tekla software was used specially for model coordination as per fabricator and general contractor’s requirement for model status, IFC, .DWG export, public web viewer and dstv. They provided accurate, latest drawings where all information comes directly from the model, and thus minimizes the workload. The team also utilized ┬áthe import & export capabilities and reports.

The project includes more or less 2,283 assembly drawings and 4,298 part drawings created from the model and submitted to the fabricator.

Tight schedule and complicated connections made this project challenging. Other challenges included modeling of brace frame columns and raker beams with 2 to 7 connected vertical braces, as well as the accurate coordination with subcontractor of SPS units IFC model which was inserted as a reference for modeling of raker beams and for match-fit with SPS hole locations.

Good coordination between designers, fabricators & detailers, focus on time duration and using Tekla software made this project successful.