New Troja Bridge in Prag

Excon, a.s.
Czech Republic

Troja bridge, built since 2012, is road and trams bridge over the Vltava river in Prague, connecting the Partyzánská street in Holešovice to the Povltavstká and Trojská streets in Troja. It will be used for local transport and will replace temporary tram bridge in Troja, which was built in 1977. On the northern part of bridge a multi-level crossroad connects Troja and City circuit.

It is an arch bridge with bottom bridge deck. Prestressed deck of bridge is placed on prefabricated prestressed crossbeams, which are hanged over net system of stainless rods into flat steel arch beam of bridge. Connected net placing of hanging allows constant distribution of loads. Hangings works like thin but tough wall and due to this it was possible to design stout a construction for the bridge.

The total length of the bridge is about 250 meters, the total height of the supporting construction is about 34 meters over maximum canal river level. The length of arch is 196 meters. The foundations of the bridge are deep pillars, and supporting beams and pillars are based on drilled pilots placed into stable rock subsoil. The bridge was designed as 2 x 2 road lines with tram line  in the middle and both sides have paths for pedestrians and cyclists. After moving tram connections to the new bridge the old bridge will be demolished. From the transport view is construction of the new Troja bridge and the Troja crossroad are necessary part of the City circuit, because the current Pelc-Tyrolka crossroad is not suitable for connection of local districts.