King Abdulaziz Center For World Culture

Zamil Structural Steel Company Ltd.
Saudi Arabia

The grand ambition for King Abdulaziz Center for Knowledge and Culture is that of marking a new era in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will subsequently be a great achievement for the oil company Saudi Aramco. The Center is their gift to the country at their 75th anniversary and will be an important contribution to the cultural development of future generations in Saudi Arabia. The project is located to the southwest of the Dhahran-Abquiq SAG highway, Dhahran, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This site is also adjacent to the Dhahran Oil Exhibit Center. The project is located approximately 12 km from the Arabian Gulf waters.

The project consists of a main plaza and a cluster of buildings including an auditorium, library, great hall, tower & keystone and some secondary structures such as the gate house & car parking. The buildings are visually conceived as pebble forms seated in a sand dune. The main structural framing of these buildings are already 100% erected at site and currently the facades are also soon to be completed for all the five cluster buildings. Once again, the combined benefit of Tekla Structures and highly skilled professionals has proven that such kind of project with such high complexity  can be done with high precision from modeling to the actual fabricated and erected steel at site.

The team started modeling during the latter part of year 2010 and there were lots of BIM coordination meetings which were very important in any project, especially with such high complexity. The major challenges we have experienced with this project is after we have almost completed the modeling and shop drawings major changes came about the main frames of the structures such as changes in sizes and geometry of the framings. However, just like any other project we have managed to cope with these major challenges. At present, we are still working for some remaining secondary additional steels to supports facade works and it is expected to be completed very soon as well.

The kind of engineering tool is very important in construction industry and no doubt Tekla Structures really helps with the success of the project. But in any organization, the professionalism and highly skilled engineers of the company are the major key to success of such project.