Daytona International Speedway Grandstand Replacement


Daytona Rising includes five expanded redesigned entrances, "injectors" which lead fans to a series of escalators, stair towers, and elevators transporting them to three different concourse levels.  Each level features spacious social areas, "neighborhoods" along the nearly mile long front stretch. The replacement grandstand includes double the restrooms and triple the concession stands from before.  The expansion includes 60 luxury suites.  The project compares to a mile long high-rise building laid on its side for a complexity reference. The estimated price set for the project is $ 400 million. The project completion date is January 2016. 

16,000 tons of structural steel and miscellaneous metals delivered on a fast track schedule including several project interruptions for major race weeks during each year. The detailing scope of work included also the extensive miscellaneous metals scope of work part of which was for multiple stair towers and miles of architectural concourse handrails.

Project complexity included streamline connectivity to the existing grandstands which were not uniform in the dimensional setbacks from the new structure. Coordination with many different trades,  each having its own dimension tolerances for facade exterior skin, MEP logistics framework, escalator/escalator support, and entertainment area support structures. 

Tekla’s  BIM insight made for an easily understood platform for the different trades to review the structural steel and miscellaneous metals model for coordination.  Tekla’s BIM technologies were utilized in the major undertaking for logistical trade coordination, construction management, and RFI communications with Prolog Converge. Tekla BIM coordination helped shorten the opportunity solving time span in design.