Patinoire de Gap - Rink of GAP

Sarl Patrick Millet
Gap, France

This project is renovation of an old skating stadium, keeping the existing timber structures erected in the early 70s. This structure was reinforced in order to support new loads and to fill the current norms, especially parasismic norms as Gap  is located in the Alps. The structure is now a mix of timber, steel and concrete. Concrete was used to stabilize the overall structure. The structure includes circular concrete columns, each one meter in diameter.

The overall geometry is complex, taking into account some environmental constraints, existing structures, property boundaries, red zone limits and the nearby stream. The Tekla model allowed Millet to model all the materials including all the cladding and facade material. The Patrick Millet Engineering office was initially involved during the biding phase, but unfortunately lost. However, the general contractor asked them to realize the design and detailing during the construction phase. They were in charge of the timber and steel structures design and detailing.Unfortunately, during this project only Millet engineering was using 3D models. Most of the exchange has been done using 2D DWG files, especially with the architect and the CIP detailing office.

Nevertheless, Tekla BIMsight models were regularly sent to the architect for reviewing.