Tesco Sheringham

Sheringham, UK

Pinnacle used BIM technology in the development of a bespoke Tesco Stores Ltd Supermarket design in Sheringham, Norfolk.

BIM allowed the design team to combine the architect’s and mechanical engineer’s 3D models along with their own steel, timber and reinforced concrete model created in Tekla.  The BIM process provided a greater understanding of parametric relationships between disciplines, preventing co-ordination issues during the construction phase.


Collaboration undertaken by the design team utilized web based viewers, which improved communication and understanding where complex issues arose. During the design process models were constantly exchanged between all parties to guarantee that the structure met the requirements of the complex roof geometry while ensuring all mechanical services fit within the confines of the covered, louvered plant area.  The final design allowed the client to visualize the complete shopping experience, creating an alive and real project.

Success factors

Pinnacle added an in-house 3D drainage and terrain model ensuring there were no clashes between drainage runs and foundations.  They also sent IFC model files externally to aid framing subcontractors during the construction co-ordination stages.

Using design analysis to test structural solutions in a virtual world pushes the boundaries of efficiency making BIM an invaluable technique for Pinnacle’s projects.  The company will continue to promote the opportunities BIM presents them  with to their project partners in the future.