De zes molens

Adviesburo Bekendam & Partner BV Rosmalen
Hoornaar, the Netherlands

The project consists of a new construction of a residential care complex, which incorporates the main building, Syndion building and storage. The complexity comes from little repetition of building components, the roof geometry and the presence of many installation components.

The objective of the project is to control processes, timing and costs in case of failure. All parties are required to supply the models of the parts for which they are responsible. The unique challenge is to cooperate and communicate with all parties involved using the integrated model and BIM sessions. The elements of the design models are replaced by supplier models during this process. From a structural engineering point of view, this means that only the foundation is present in the structural model at the end of the process.


The team faced challenges when creating an integral model with many project parties.

Success factors

Collaboration, communication and enthusiasm were the success factors for the project.