Winnipeg Investors Group Field

Structal-Heavy Steel Construction
Winnipeg, Canada

The Investors Group Field is composed of 9000 tons of steel, 28,000 cubic meters of concrete, 3500 sections of hollow main floor, 450 pieces of precast bleachers, 272,000 blocks, 8 acres of room, 33,500 seats expandable to 40,000 for major events including Grey Cup and other major international events and concerts. The stadium arch trusses supporting the eight acres of roof are the largest and highest in Canada, spanning 189 meter (620 feet) and approximately 60meters (200 feet) in the air. They weigh 950 tons each.

All steel pieces were detailed in Tekla with great efficacy.  At the end of the project, the team ended up with 8,600 shop drawings, 5000 for the bowl and 3600 for the roof. Some truss connections were so complicated that it was not possible to draw them on paper. The engineering firm, Walter P Moore, used the Tekla  model to make the connection concept and transferred  Structal-Heavy Steel Construction the Tekla information so they could complete the 3D. The camber of the trusses was also a big challenge but good communication between the team and the project engineer enabled the  input of everything into the model, therefore preventing problems in the field. The team   put in to the Tekla model all the cast-in-place concrete and precast that could affect the steel for coordination.  They also shared the model with Walter P Moore to put the deck in to Tekla to prevent any misfit in the field.