P+R De Uithof

Hurks delphi engineering
Utrecht, the Netherlands

With a total area of 50,000 square meters and 2000 parking spots, “Park&Ride De Uithof“ will be Utrecht's largest parking garage, built by the construction consortium of Hurks van der Linden bv, Hurks prefabbeton bv and Dura Vermeer Infra bv. The garage is situated on the "De Uithof" terrain. A precast concrete climbing wall will be realized and used by the nearby sport centre.

The concrete structures have been modeled with Tekla entirely, including all embeds and reinforcements. Every single surface of this building is skewed, which set massive challenges to the modelers. The slim structure made it very hard to model all reinforcements correctly and to make them fit. The reinforcements have been produced partially automatically by the advanced reinforcement production machine of Hurks prefabbeton, directly from the geometrical data in Tekla model.The complex shapes in concrete made it necessary to model the  formwork  in 3D as well, using the Tekla geometry as a digital mould. This way mistakes in measurements have been avoided.

The steel structure in the model has been modeled with Tekla by Moeskops Staalbouw bv and the fences and stairs by De Ammerse Smid bv. Communication of these structures has been done with  IFC files and true BIM: no 2D drawings where used in this process.