Manitoba Hydro Spillway Replacement

KGS Group
Manitoba, Canada

The Manitoba Hydro Spillway Replacement project is an innovative spillway replacement project currently under way. This project involved major earthworks and cast in place components including 30,000 cubic meter of concrete and 145 tons of reinforcing steel.

The estimated total cost of this project is $300 million. This is a pilot project for Manitoba Hydro to fully explore the use of BIM for large scale Hydro projects. KGS Group selected Tekla as the optimum tool to perform the cast-in-place modeling and deliver the construction drawings. This was KGS Groups first cast-in-place project design and detailed using Tekla Structures for reinforced concrete. The coordination of this project fully utilized Tekla IFC, DWG and Tekla BIMsight exports to coordinate with the client and other sub contractors. Many inp and db files were customized to meet the Canadian Rebar standards, industry specific profiles were created as well as creating a full metric cast-in-place environment. Custom templates were created to associate the Canadian Standard Bend Types with the Tekla internal shapes. The rebar/concrete model, drawings, and schedules were completed by three Tekla users, with this being the first project for two of the users, while the structural steel was detailed by KGS Groups experienced steel detailing department that consists of seven users.