Detailing Group, Inc, USA

A lifelong dream of the owner

This treehouse is a lifelong dream of the owner. The 125-ton building is designed to be used as a guest house. Utilizing Tekla Structures became imperative as the design contains many complexities that were extremely difficult to manage. Outside of the platform framing for the houses, there are no right angles or straight edges. All but a few of the plates at the miter connections of the pipes are ovals.

The model drives digital fabrication and guides erection

Agreeing on the accuracy of the Tekla Structures model, all plates were burned from NC files with little to no information on the part drawings. The majority of the pipe structure consists of special rolled plate, ranging in sizes of 30"dia x2" wall, to 18"dia x1" and the remaining pipes utilize HSS profiles and standard pipes. The erection drawings were made at a minimal level and refined once framing began to show up in the field.