Museo Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari

Studio Tecnico Associato Orler, Italy

Round portal supports both the roof and glass façade

The exhibition gallery 'Copertura museo' has been designed with a basement structure with coverage to "time" representing the bonnet of a racing car. The steel part is made by Stahlbau Pichler of Bolzano. Orler was involved in the study for the design of the structural steel construction of the roof. The cover has a light and a maximum length of 43 to 77 meters. A characteristic element of the project is undoubtedly the portal at the top of the glass facade, made of a round tube with a diameter of one meter with features that support both the roof anchor ropes and the glass façade. With the particular geometry of the roof and facade, the portal makes it follow a curving line of high construction complexity growing with a total length of 60 meters in the central part supported by two columns; Y representing the fingers of a hand pointing upward posed to hold the tube.To build the portal, it was essential to build a temporary structure of support, and through a complex topography lying in the exact location of the various pieces of pipe and then welded permanently. Total time to design steel took 1050 hours. Project drawings were 53, material ordered 3587, assembly drawings 904, assembly drawings 56, structure's weight 166 tons, size 77x43, and total height 12 meters. The number of steel columns is 2, main trusses 4, secondary trusses 66, tertiary beams 55, and bracing 48.