Holmenkollen Ski Jump

COWI AB, Sweden / Lecor Stålteknik AB (Lecor Steel Technology), Norway

Ski Jump for World Cup 2011 modeled in Tekla

Oslo and Holmenkollen arranged the Ski World Cup 2011. In order to meet FIS international standards, Oslo municipality had to pay the national symbol Holmenkollen Ski Jump with a completely new design. The new slope, which consists of over 1200 tons of steel, is a great monument of engineering and towering over 65 meters above ground. The double-curved and streamlined design is also a visually impressive sight, which has now become an even clearer landmark in Oslo. COWI Sweden has provided documents for the construction and erection of steel structure for the steel contractor Lecor Stålteknik AB (Lecor Steel Technology). The belonging beam profiles are twisted, tilted and connections far from orthogonal with the result that every knot is unique. Great emphasis has been put on delivering a geometrically perfect base when the slightest deviation would have major implications for the assembly, given the tight time schedule. The slope's unique and exceptional steel construction and the requirement of absolute correctness were the decisive factors that COWI and Lecor chose 3D modeling in Tekla Structures. Furthermore, the software was also used to simulate the assembly process with its temporary structures, crane placement, etc. For example, the theoretical coordinate information in the model was frequently used as compared to the actual positions during the critical elements of the heavy lifting.