TED15 - Trimble Energy Days 2015


Trimble Energy Days 2015

for Electricity Distribution Customers

22.-23.1.2015, Turku Finland


TED15 will be organized together with Trimble Finnish User Days (TKP15).
The event will be organized on Thursday 22 & Friday 23 January 2015 in Finland. The venue is Logomo in the City of Turku. Logomo is former engine workshop for the State Railways, built 1876. The venue was transformed into a cultural center and opened 2010.

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torstai, 22. tammikuuta 2015 - 11:15 - perjantai, 23. tammikuuta 2015 - 11:15
Köydenpunojankatu 14
20100 Turku

Tekla Infra & Energy utilizes the Trimble brand

Tekla Infra & Energy has begun utilizing its parent company's brand, Trimble. The name of our business area is now Trimble Energy & Public Administration.
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TKP15 - Tekla Käyttäjäpäivät 2015

www.tekla.com/TKP15 (only in Finnish)


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