Fabrication and Assembly: Maximize the Benefits of 3D Models in Steel Fabrication

Too many projects waste time and money in the steel fabrication process.

Wasted materials, costly rework, and pure unproductivity – the list of fabrication and assembly bottlenecks could go on and on. Happily, BIM can help.

Steel fabrication workshops that adopt the BIM workflow not only save more money, but they are able to finish projects on time, too. The problems that plague workflow can be greatly reduced, and even eliminated altogether.

Get started to save time and improve profits in structural steel fabrication

Are you ready to optimize your workflow? Our ebook series will tell you how 3D models can maximize the benefits of BIM for smoother workflows and lower costs. In Part 2 of the series, you’ll discover how you can optimize the fabrication and assembly phases in ways that benefit both these phases and the entire project.


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