Webinar on Master your Industrial Projects with Tekla Structures




Industrial structures constitute the infrastructure of our energy, petrochemical, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. These structures differ from the general building stock, because their form and function are integral. Their function is often to support and contain industrial processes that would constitute extreme loads for common buildings. Most industrial structures are predominantly reinforced-concrete and steel structures, including supports, platforms, chimneys, silos, tanks, etc.

Given their complex nature, there is an inherent need for unique designs and structures that meet the codes and standards and must be integrated in to the aesthetic and functional characteristics of an Industrial Structure. Also, many standard designs have been developed for industrial structures, which make possible the employment of advanced technical ideas and the most efficient use of existing production facilities in the construction industry.

Join us for this free session to learn why Tekla has become one of the most sought-after technological platforms utilized today for the construction of all kinds of industrial structures from simple to highly complex.

  • Tekla lets you manage risk and plan for successful processes, integrating production equipment and piping into structural design. This means that the structures fit as they should!
  • You can find and solve problems and explore alternatives virtually before construction begins and hence, avoid expensive delays
  • Fast and accurate material quantity takeoff leverages better cost estimation and optimized procurement
  • At a later stage, all this model information eases any possible modifications in the facility as you have a thorough view of the structures available with you at all times.

    With Tekla you can,

    • Create information-rich 3D models of all structures and materials and use them for making informed decisions throughout the project
    • Coordinate with analysis and plant design software to boost project understanding and quality with 3D visualizations
    • Identify possible Industrial operations and safety issues early in the process
    • Achieve a far better construction methodology

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    Date: Wednesday, 19th December 2018