Tekla and Trimble

A world of opportunities opened to Tekla along with becoming part of Trimble Navigation Ltd. During the past twelve months, potential for collaboration has been explored between the companies and their operational units in customer sectors. Here follows a short overview of Trimble and Tekla Infra & Energy business area’s future collaboration.

Infra & Energy business a natural part of Trimble Group

Trimble’s solutions have traditionally been built on positioning, field solutions and communication technologies, but currently their offering has been extensively expanded into software and integrated solutions. Tekla’s solutions, in turn, represent highly advanced process support and database information management.

– Tekla Infra & Energy business forms a natural part of Trimble Group, says Kai Lehtinen, Senior Vice President of Tekla Infra & Energy business area. – With its technology solutions, Trimble serves a wide range of industries including all our customer sectors, Lehtinen continues.

Benefits for customers

Tekla’s customers in all industries benefit from system interoperability and close collaboration with Trimble. Lehtinen states that in infrastructure design and construction significant benefits can be found in developing fluent workflows from model-based design to construction sites utilizing the latest machine-control technology, surveying and site planning applications.

– The energy and water sectors benefit from developing interoperability between Tekla’s software solutions and Trimble’s field solutions in workforce management, asset maintenance and data capturing. Public administration customers benefit from interoperability between Tekla’s software solutions’ extensive GIS capabilities and Trimble’s solutions for data capture and processing, survey and, for instance, point cloud solutions, Lehtinen continues.

Tekla’s future

Kai Lehtinen concludes that both Tekla and Trimble benefit from the collaboration. Trimble enhances Tekla's opportunities to expand business in international markets. In turn Tekla, as Trimble Group’s largest software company, strengthens Trimble’s software capabilities in several customer industries.